How Big is Your Carbon Footprint?


How do you get around?

What type of vehicle do you own?

How many square feet do you occupy? For example, your house is 2000 sq ft, there are 4 occupants, so you occupy 500 sq. ft.

How long is your daily commute by car?

How do you heat your home?

What is your climate like?

Do you buy local produce when available?

Do you buy frozen or fresh produce?

How often do you eat meat?

Your couch material is worn. Do you...

After your basic needs are met, which is more important?

What do you do with left-overs?

Do you car-pool?

Do you recycle?

Your shower time is...

Do you have energy saving devices in your home? Led lights, low flow shower, toilet, faucets, etc...

Are you using solar, wind or other green technologies to power your house?