Does She Have a Crush on You?

Does she really like you? Find out for sure – take the quiz!  This one is for guys only!


Does she overlook your bad behavior?

How often does she just show up where you happen to be?

Is there any physical touching when she talks to you? A brush on the arm, for example.

Does she touch everyone when talking? Some people do, but that's the way they are.

Do you catch her starting at you in public?

Does she laugh and smile when you are talking and thinks that whatever you say is funny and witty?

Even though you aren't seeing her officially, does she seem to hang out with your family?

One of the biggest indicators that someone has a crush on you is that they are going to blush easily in your presence. Does she often blush when you're around?

Do you ever notice nervous giggling or fidgeting when she's around? Some people do that to cover embarrassment or a general nervous feeling.

When you are talking to her one-on-one, does she ever ask personal questions about your life, your goals, ambitions?

Do you notice that she remembers dates and facts that you've talked about in previous conversations?

Does she light up when you're around. Happier, more chatty?

When it's just the two of us, she confides in me about very personal things.

You hear from the grapevine that she is asking about you.

She seems to create opportunity to spend time with you. Maybe get your help on a project or think of some way to get you both together.

She maintains eye contact and smiles just a little longer than normal.

There is continuous contact via social media.

Does she text you fairly consistently for just about anything?

She compliments you a lot.

Picture this: She does or says something embarrassing in front of you. Is she then quiet for the rest of the evening (perhaps beating herself up)? People who have crushes are devastated if they “mess up” - even a little.

She talks about her dating life (or more specifically, her lack of) because she wants to let you know in no uncertain terms that she is available.




For a human being, one of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that someone you really like feels the same way you do. It can elevate your mood, reach down and pick you up from even the lowest of places and make you feel as though you’re on top of the world. Almost instantly, you’ll realize just how great it is to be alive!

But, it isn’t always as easy as that. Unless someone is wearing their emotions on their sleeve, they aren’t going to come right out and tell you how they feel. It just doesn’t happen that way – and there are many reasons for that.

You usually have to do a little work to get to the truth. The good news is that the truth is lying there, just below the surface – waiting for you to uncover it. If she has a crush on you, it isn’t going to take much to put it all together.

So how do you know if she really likes you? If you suspect that she has a crush on you, but you’re not 100 percent sure, wouldn’t it be great to be able to finally know? Well, that’s what this quiz is all about. It provides an easy way to bring everything to the surface by simply getting you to answer a few key questions.

What most guys don’t realize is that she wants you to know how she feels about you. While she isn’t going to tell you straight out, she is going to do her best to leave behind some very obvious clues. Perhaps you have picked up on some of them… or not.

This quiz is meant to assist you in getting to that truth.

Getting to the root of things isn’t hard. You just need to be a little more aware of your everyday life and start noticing the little hints that she is throwing your way. She is giving you signs even if she’s not consciously aware of it. In fact, it’s extremely hard to suppress your feelings when you really have an all-out crush on someone.

Even if she’s shy, it’s not going to take much for you to figure out that she really does like you.

It’s often said that if you want to know the truth about something, don’t listen to what people say, just notice what they do. While she may not be professing her undying love for you, you can’t help but notice how she always shows up out of the blue or that she always touches your arm when she is talking (obvious signs that she likes you).

Taken from the quiz above, here are some signs that she has a crush on you and a more in depth analysis of what it all means.

She accepts your faults.

If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t bite her tongue at some of your behavior. To her, you’re beyond reproach. Bad behavior, crude jokes, embarrassing yourself – none of it is going to matter because she is beyond that.

Ever say something really stupid and regret the words after they leave your mouth? If she didn’t care, you’d expect to see some sort of negative reaction from her. Rolling of the eyes, joining others to laugh at your expense, or a sarcastic remark or two.

You may also notice that she is quick to come to your defense should the need arise.

She touches you as she talks. While there are many people who do this with just about everyone they talk to, it is a good sign if you are wondering how she feels about you. Don’t base everything on it, but do realize that it isn’t hurting your cause either. When she touches you, it means she trusts you and desires intimate contact beyond (or in addition to) the conversation.

If she has a crush on you, there is a subtle difference between the way she touches others and the way she touches you during a conversation. She wants intimate contact with you and this is the safest way to do it at the moment. You need to take notice. How does she touch others when talking to them? Where does she place her hand and for how long? Most importantly, how does it differ (if at all) from how she touches you? You have to be very observant.

She is always around. For sure, this is one of the biggest indicators that she is crushing on you. Okay, it may be a coincidence that you just happened to bump into each other in the supermarket last week or that you passed her walking down the street in your neighborhood, but there is also a very good chance that she planned the run-in – at least to a certain extent.

You may also start noticing that she turns up at the same social events that you do. Think back a little and really examine how these encounters have ramped up recently. She wants to be around you, plain and simple.

Of all the signs that she likes you, this is one of the surest. Coincidence is one thing, but you have to see things for what they are.

You catch her staring at you. You’re both at the same event and you get the feeling that someone is staring at you. You look up and, sure enough, you catch her just before she takes her eyes off you and looks in another direction. She seems a little embarrassed at having been caught.

She thinks that whatever comes out of your mouth is comedic gold. She will laugh at everything you say (even if the jokes are cringe-worthy). In other words, you can do no wrong as far as she’s concerned. Talk about power! Anyway, this one is going to be very noticeable and you aren’t going to have to read between the lines much to see what’s going on.

She loves hanging out with your family. Now, this isn’t applicable to everyone, but if she knows your family on a personal level, you may notice that she’s spending a little more time with them lately. Maybe she’s a friend of your sister or perhaps you’re neighbors and you just notice an increase in her presence.

Her face turns red when interacting with you. Blushing is a complicated thing and can appear for many reasons. Embarrassment is usually the main culprit, but it can also be an indicator that she has underlying feelings for you – even if she’s never given you any other hints. While it’s true that this is more pronounced in a shy person, I think it happens to just about all of us at some point. Be on the lookout for this tell-tale sign, because it’s impossible to hide. Just one note: Sometimes the symptoms are very slight. In other words, the difference in facial tone may be almost unnoticeable.

Nervous giggling. She’s timid and you notice the nervous laughing that surfaces every time you’re around. Now, this isn’t necessarily because she’s feeling giddy. It likely has more to do with the fact that you make her a little nervous. Who knows why this happens – it’s just her way of easing a tense situation. In any case, it is another good sign she is crazy about you.

She takes an interest in your life. If she has a crush on you, she’ll be a little more interested in you as a person. It will be apparent when she starts asking you questions about things that are happening in your life or about your interests, dreams, desires, etc.

No one is going to expend energy pretending that they’re interested when they actually aren’t. Maybe some would do so in an effort to get a conversation rolling, but generally we aren’t that interested in others. Listen to what she is saying.

Remembers facts and dates. Unless she has an eidetic memory, there is no way she is going to keep track of things like major events, your birthday, etc. People only do this if they are genuinely interested in the other person. So if she suddenly reminds you of the exact day that the two of you first met or the time you went to that concert years ago, then you know it means enough to her to have that information tucked securely away. Only the most important events in our lives get that privilege, so this is one of the strongest signals you can get.

Unusually happy when she’s around you. If she has a crush on you, she is going to light up each and every time you’re around – plain and simple – even if it’s not her nature to be happy. In fact, if she’s not generally a happy person and she transforms into one whenever you’re around, you know it’s because she has strong feelings for you. Take notice of this. It’s like flicking a switch and something you aren’t likely to miss.

She confides in you. We all need someone to talk to once in a while. Someone to share our problems with and get stuff off our chest. However, if it’s anything personal and intimate, there are only a select few that we would consider sharing that information with. If she shares her most personal secrets with you, you know you’re special.

Word on the street is… How can you tell if she has a crush on you? Well, let’s just say that she may have a hard time concealing her feelings. Not that she is going to approach you and admit her love for you, but she may tell someone else – maybe even someone else that is close to you. In any case, it’s almost a given that you are going to hear how she feels through the grapevine. Even more likely if you share some of the same friends. People just can’t keep this kind of juicy gossip under wraps for too long. Listen carefully and you may be surprised.

Sure, people will try their best to conceal things from you (after all, they were probably confided in with the understanding that they keep it to themselves), but at the same time, they could be bursting to tell you. It all depends on where their loyalty lies.

She creates projects/situations just to be with you. This is going to vary greatly, but the main idea is that she creates a situation where you are both together in an everyday, non-romantic way. She wants to be with you, even if it’s just as friends or acquaintances for now. This is going to give her time to work on you.

As an example, she could ask you if you’re going to sign up for a walk-a-thon for charity or volunteer for the food bank where she works, or to sign up for a class she’s thinking of taking, etc. Anything to get you at the same spot she is.

In some cases, she may join a group or class that you already attend.

She maintains eye contact and smiles longer than normal. Now, this is where you are going to really have to read between the lines. She may, after all, just be a naturally friendly person. It helps to know her personality a little so that you can figure out what is really going on.

Having said that, you should be able to pick up on the fact that you are getting a lot more attention than the average person. Take note of how she interacts with others. Are they getting the same treatment?

This non-verbal language is safe for her. She can get her message across, but there is always the possibility that it’s nothing more than an innocent personality trait. In other words, it’s an out for her.

She contacts you via social media. Has she contacted you on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Does she want to include you in her list of contacts? Maybe she asked for your email? In any case, it’s obvious she wants to maintain contact with you.

Just remember: don’t read too much into this if there are no other signs that she has a crush on you. Maybe she just wants to be friends or she’s trying to increase her social status.

Social media has really upped the game – in a good way. Now, you can stay in touch, even if you’re too bashful to tell someone how you feel. So many ways to stay in touch with your crush!

Texting. Often, people find that they can text easier than they can talk face-to-face. Your crush probably finds it very easy to communicate in this way because they get to take their time and think about what they are going to say before they press send. It can also make her a little bolder than she would be normally.

If you receive text messages out of the blue from her, there’s a good chance you’re on her mind. It doesn’t even have to be anything remotely romantic. In fact, it won’t be in the beginning. Nope, it’s more likely to be casual, friendly contact about everyday life. Sure, she may be thinking about a possible future relationship, but in the beginning it’ll be very low-key.

She compliments you – a lot. There are many reasons one person would compliment another, but your crush has one goal in mind when she throws a compliment your way. Yep, she wants you to know she notices you and she approves. One thing you ought to know is that the more far-fetched the compliment, the more likely it is that she is really trying to get your attention. For example: She’s complimenting you on a shirt that you’ve owned for years. No one else has ever taken the time to do so because, frankly, it’s a very ordinary shirt. Why is she noticing? Because it’s less to do with the shirt and more to do with the fact that she wants you to know she approves.

She is nervous around you. This is definitely a tell-tale sign that she has a crush on you. But you have to read her properly. Most folks look very serious or get very quiet around people that make them nervous. At first glance, it may seem that she isn’t interested… You have to see beyond that.

She is self-conscious. Naturally, she wants to do everything she can to make the best impression on you, but if she is on the shy side, any perceived mistake that she makes is going to be interpreted as a disaster and this is going to be noticeable on the outside. One of the biggest indicators of this is blushing. If she does something silly in front of you and then you see her face turn red, then you know that it really bothers her for you too see her when she isn’t perfect.

She talks about her love life. Yes, she wants you to know that she is single and unattached, so be on the lookout for conversations that steer in that direction. She won’t be talking about how great her relationships were, but more likely, how bad they were and the fact that she is now single as a result. Emphasis on being single…

She talks about sex. Now, this is obviously dependent on the the person, but if she talks freely about sex, then you know there is something to it. If she wasn’t interested in you, there is no way she’d be sharing something so intimate.